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Remedial Sports Massage

Sports Massage is known as a remedial therapy as it is a truly effective form of treatment for many conditions. You don’t need to be sporty to be suited to this style of treatment either; it works irrespective of your level of fitness, age or gender. The benefits and effects are recognized by Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists around the world, who now often prescribe it in adjunct to their own.

So many people suffer unnecessarily from pain and tension, sometimes caused by injury or poor health, but more often due to poor posture. Most of the time these symptoms are easily correctable, especially if they’re not ignored for too long!


 So, what is Sports Massage and how does it differ from other styles of massage?

Well, not only does it incorporate more advanced techniques like:

  • assessment and diagnosis – essential for long term results.
  • soft tissue release – trigger point therapy – myofascial release – muscle energy
  • positional release – connective tissue manipulation    

In simple terms, it doesn’t just ‘skim over’ the problems, it finds and ‘treats’ them.


What are the benefits of this type of treatment?

Ultimately, it restores optimal function and promotes an efficient system.

It softens, stretches and lengthens soft tissue increasing the range of movement, allowing greater flexibility. It relieves stiffness, decreases muscles spasms, re-aligns scar tissue and re-establishes balance in muscle function, therefore reducing the stress on joints. Through improved blood flow, it also brings more oxygen and nutrients to tissue, flushing out toxins and metabolites that naturally occur when adhesions are present by stimulating the lymphatic system.

And of course, there are the psychological benefits too. It helps us to relax which increases the production of the body’s natural mood enhancer, endorphins, which also act as a pain suppressant. Combined, this all creates a greater sense of well-being and deepens our understanding of the root cause of our problems. When we understand what’s happening with our bodies, we feel more motivated to do something about it and take better care of ourselves, which is why I always take time to tell my clients what I find and how they can make positive changes moving forward.


What to expect

 I treat what I find, I don’t skim over it, which at times can make the treatment a little uncomfortable; but I communicate closely with all my clients and generally they tell me it’s a ‘positive pain’ with results that make it all worth while. Having suffered a number of injuries and strains myself, there are very few ‘pains’ that I can’t relate to, so I am acutely aware of how my treatments feel and how deeply I can work with each individual. Some of my clients are as young as 8 and some as old as 80, so not only do you need a great deal of patience and empathy, you need to teach them not to be fearful and help them advance their levels of tolerance with encouragement, kindness and understanding.

I believe passionately in this form of therapy. I have experienced first hand the benefits and enthusiastically share my knowledge with anyone that is interested in feeling better!



Up to 30 minutes COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation & assessment.

30 minutes – legs & feet OR neck & shoulders                  £25.00

45 minutes – 3 areas of importance                                    £40.00

60 minutes – full body                                                           £45.00

75 minutes – full body                                                            £50.00



24 hours or more                                                                    No charge applies

Less than 24 hours                                                                 50% of charge applies

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