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Nutrition and Weight Management

You Are What You Eat

There was never a truer saying than that of, ‘you are what you eat’ and it doesn’t take a genuis to work out why. 

Studying Nutrition gave me a brilliant insight to this. It taught me the science behind the saying; in other words, it taught me how the body breaks down everything to not only use as it’s primary source of energy, but to protect us against illness, disease and sleep deprivation.

Food is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, not all of us view it in the same way or enjoy the excitement that eating brings, let alone the preparation of it! I get that, and I am always concious of this when listening to people’s relationships with food. Food means different things to different people, but what we must ALL remember is the importance of eating well. In the absence of good nutrition, our bodies suffer but more obviously, we lack the energy we need that motivates us to move. It becomes a destructive cycle, because the less we move, the more we suffer physically, and the more we suffer physically, the less likely we are to move.

Naturally, eating well and moving well all ties in to our state of mind; but I can’t emphasise enough how easy it is to improve our mental health through good nutrition and exercise. I’m sure that a person depressed and struggling with their weight, lacking energy and motivation, would find that the most annoying thing to hear, but it is true. The most challenging thing as a fitness trainer is understanding each client’s relationship with food and their mindset towards excercise and wellbeing. Encouraging people to eat well, planning their weekly diets, demonstrating the simplicity of preparing some dishes, well, that’s the easy part. Helping them overcome emotional issues and barriers to continue on this new, healthier path, is much harder. Empathy and support are key to these changes, but the individual has to really WANT change, to achieve change. 

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

Hours spent preparing food doesn’t work for most of us with busy lives, that’s why great chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, and celebrity home-cooks like Nigella Lawson and Joe Wicks have given us quick and simple recipes that are nutritious, healthy and easy to prepare. I’ve been inspired by them, but, speediness aside, the driving force behind my daily cooking routine is the deep rooted desire to keep me, and my family, healthy and strong. I can generally prepare a fresh meal in under 30 minutes and guaranteed it’s packed with goodness and flavour. Anyone can do this, we just have to want to. 

Food That Fuels The Fire

So, if you want to do it, you can! It’s simple, I promise. The secret ingredient to success is in the planning. Whether you want to lose weight or just be healthier, never leave any meal to chance. Plan all your meals for the week ahead on a friday, write your shopping list then order online to avoid over-spending on any unnecessary items. If you have the time, visit the farmers market for your (organic) fruit, veg and meat, it will taste a whole lot better and might even save you money.

Don’t Think About It, Just Do It.

Lastly, remember, it’s not rocket science – what you eat, you must burn. If you consume 3000 calories each day and you only average 5,000 steps, you’re going to put on weight! And that weight will slow you down, put pressure on your joints and make you less motivated to move; and there the cycle begins. Anything less than an average of 10,000 steps each day means you’re due for a lifestyle change. Don’t think about it, just do it.



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