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Group Exercise Classes & Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

Group fitness classes can be so much fun. There’s nothing better then being with other people who are all trying to improve themselves and share the same healthy objectives. You support one another when you’re down and encourage one another when you’re up. We all come in different shapes and sizes, often with contrasting abilities; but ultimately you’re all there to achieve one thing, a healthier, stronger, fitter YOU. So if you’re looking for group exercise classes in enfield or north london, I am currently running two group sessions, with more planned for Spring/Summer 2014.


Saturday mornings 9-10.15am at Groveland’s Park, Broad Walk Entrance, Southgate, London N14*
Ladies only outdoor fitness group for all ages between 18 and 65.
The session is combined of 20/30 minutes of jogging or power walking, followed by cardio conditioning, short blasts of high intensity training plus stretching & flexibility. Each week varies from the last to keep things interesting and quite often the weather dictates what we can achieve in the session. If the weather conditions are extreme, occasionally the session is called off or an alternative indoor venue** is used.

We welcome all ages and abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re really unfit, don’t be intimidated and put off by the description, come and give it a go. We’re a really friendly bunch who love to have a natter and a giggle while we train. First session is free, so you there, you have no excuses! £7 thereafter, pay-as-you-go.

*Occasionally we use other local parks, like Broomfield, so always text me first if you planning on joining us to confirm where we’re meeting.
** Indoor venue is always in Bush Hill Park, Winchmore Hill or Enfield area. Please text beforehand for details.


As a mother of two young, active children, I am incredibly passionate about children’s well-being. Children love being active, it’s what comes naturally to them. Sadly, modern lifestyles have interfered with this and we must now encourage them to enroll in organized group sessions to ensure they stay fit and healthy. I am currently running only one children’s fitness session at Raglan School in Bush Hill Park every Tuesday at 3.20 until 4.20pm. However, this session is only available to the pupils of the school. Should you wish to start/introduce a similar group to your school or privately, I’d be very happy to discuss this with you.

For more information about these sessions, please give me a call on: 07973 133915

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