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Behind the Name

189056_10150094475372541_4869904_nWell, that’s me, Isobel Phillips, I’m the person behind the name! The name was inspired by my intentions – to achieve a healthy body that would last me a lifetime.

I qualified as an advanced Personal Fitness Trainer back in 2003 following a long career in Public Relations and Marketing. Suddenly, there I was, mid thirties, a first-time mother to a beautiful healthy boy, asking myself how much longer I could put up with working long hours in the city, with constant neck and back pain, feeling physically exhausted most of the time!

So the change was a welcome one and wholly encouraged by my mentor and Osteopath, Michael Hunt, a true master in his field and by far the most knowledgeable man I have ever encountered. His passion and commitment has always been a great inspiration to me; and sometimes, when someone else believes in you, that’s all you need to help you on your way.

Discovering Anatomy & Physiology awakened an interest and thirst for knowledge that had been missing in me for such a long time. I had always had an incredibly strong desire to help people, but now I had the knowledge to support that. But, more than anything, I could now really understand my own body and make positive changes to feel fitter and healthier.

Following years of my own unnecessary and avoidable injuries, Sport & Remedial Massage therapy was always part of my ‘big plan’ and probably the most challenging thing I have ever done. The knowledge it has given me has helped me make sense of so many things, which I now love to share with all my clients.

Anyone that knows me will sense how passionate I am about my work as a therapist and trainer. It frustrates me that so many people are suffering so unnecessarily. With a little more information shared, especially with young people, we can alleviate so much of this and avoid problems in later life.

Awareness and prevention is key and if I can do just a little bit, in my little corner of the world, to contribute to that, then I am happy.

If you would like some help and advice to achieve abody4life, then contact me at

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